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Guilty of Professional Malpractice

Meet John M Xifaris the rogue Arbitrator. Also known as Judge X the Patriarch of the Xifaris family of political hacks. Xifaris in violation of the JAMS Arbitration contract did not cite a single case in his 10 page decision for Xifaris was not concerned with reaching a correct legal result. This was because he knew that an Appeals Court could not review his award. This allowed him to write an award that would be laughable if it weren't so harmful. Accordingly, he felt free to disregard the law, ignore the facts, and issue an award that no rational, intelligent and thoughtful judge would issue in a Court of Law. One of the startling turn of events that Mr. Xifaris completely ignored in his decision occurred when the defendants own counsel and 30B.6 expert witness was exposed a Liar. Incredibly, Mr. Xifaris makes no mention of this unbelievable fraud committed at the Arbitration hearing despite the fact that it goes to the very Heart of the Case.

Guilty of Arbitrator Partiality

Mr. Xifaris and Mr. Sophacles had a legal and ethical obligation to disclose their close and longstanding friendship but they did not do so.

This is a perversion of the legal system and a gross abuse of power.

Attorneys at Law

Attorneys as Officers of the Court have an obligation to represent and advise their clients including advising clients about the pitfalls of Arbitration and in particular the pitfalls of using JAMS Arbitration.


Beware and Avoid

JAMS Arbitration

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